Ineke Edwards

Caryl Sutrisno

Sales Associate

Mobile 0417 913 288

Ineke has worked extensively in the Real Estate industry since the late 1990’s. After obtaining the necessary qualifications Ineke became a Real Estate Agent in her own right holding a current Triennial Certificate.

Ineke’s experience in the industry includes the sale of Project Developments, residential homes including strata titled properties and more recently the sale of villas and apartments in Retirement Villages.

Ineke works in a highly professional manner in order to achieve the best possible results for her clients when either buying or selling their most important possession.

“When purchasers ask me to find a suitable property for them, I will show them the best selection of homes available at market value, in their desired location”. The end result is that the owner sells their property and the buyer finds a home they desire. Also, in due course, if I have given excellent service, I will earn the opportunity to work for them again”.

Ineke keeps herself up to date with the latest professional developments through courses and seminars that are pertinent to the industry and see this as a way to expand her knowledge as well as offer clients a better and more professional service.